Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What songs will we sing during our lessons?

That is totally up to the you - I am proud to create specially tailored vocal lessons that both suit the style and ability of the student as well as their musical preferences.

Do you teach classical/opera?

Yes, I am a classically trained falsettist, with interests in opera, musicals and art singing. I am a also able to teach contemporary genres - get in touch for more information.

Where do the lessons take place?

I am a mobile singing tutor, meaning that I am able to travel to you to teach you in the comfort of your own home if you are based within Norwich itself. I have found that students learn well within a familiar environment and look forward to helping you to learn to sing.

I don't have any prior musical experience - can I still come for lessons?

Absolutely, no prior musical experience is needed to attend lessons here Singing Lessons Norwich. I will take you through all that you will need to know!

I am shy and want to build self-confidence - can I do this through singing?

Yes, learning any musical instrument will help promote self-confidence as well as getting a great understanding of the dedication, motivation and practise needed to succeed in any walk of life. Being able to control your voice can also help in many other areas of your life, from presenting information in meetings at work to being able to captivate an audience at a theatre.

I want to prepare my voice to sing at a wedding/birthday party/special event - can we do this?

Absolutely, I have helped many singers prepare their voice to give a one of performance at the full extent of their vocal ability - whether it was in the recording studio or for a wedding it is something we can do during our lessons. However, do note that we might draw in other songs and exercises to help you sing the song of your choice to your full ability. 

How long does it take to learn to sing?

That very much depends on your ambition - if it is to hold a tune in a way that other people can enjoy then it might only take a few months to be able to develop your vocal strength and control to do this. If it is to create a distinctive, world-renowned voice it can take a lifetime of dedication to achieve - indeed, I feel that I am still learning and developing myself as a singer and performer.

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I am a mobile vocal coach, meaning that I can travel to you if you are based within Norwich city itself. I have found that students learn well within the comfort of their own homes, helping my pupils build confidence as well as vocal strength and ability.

I am keen to ensure that my students learn through the music that they are passionate about. Although I have a particular interest in classical, opera and musicals I am able to cover genres including pop and light rock to help you develop into the singing you wish to be. In our lessons with will combine learning songs alongside developing an understanding of key vocal exercises that will help you to gain control of your voice.

To book your first lesson, or find out more, simply get in touch by calling 03455 087241.

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James is full of enthusiasm and his passion is always obvious. I've learnt more in the past 6 weeks with him than the previous 6 months on my own. A great teacher all around. - Laurie