Famous Artists from Norwich

Famous Artists from Norwich

It can be daunting when you first start out with singing lessons to envisage where you can take your singing, especially as a complete beginner. At Singing Lessons Norwich, our tutors encourage their students to look to local Norwich talent as a sign of where your singing can take you. There is nothing better than taking inspiration from those who have made it that come from the same streets as you. And Norwich and its surrounding areas certainly do not shy away from giving birth to some of the finest singers of our day.

David Gray may not have been born and raised in Norwich, but he has certainly made Norfolk his home, with a holiday home near Hunstanton, which is just a short drive from Norwich. It is the peace and tranquillity of the Norfolk coast that may well give him inspiration for the famous hits that he produces. Gray is famous for his indie rock and folk sound, with smooth vocals to compliment his guitar and piano playing. He has several famous songs, including This Year’s Love, Babylon and Sail Away, which have earned him global recognition as one of the greatest singer-songwriters of this time. With over two decades of experience in the music industry, three chart-toppers and four Brit award nominations, David Gray certainly brings a touch of fame to Norwich and its surrounding areas.

Roger Taylor may be known as the drummer of Queen, but he is less known as a great vocalist. For Queen, he often contributed songs to the band, singing lead vocals on his own compositions. He can be credited with writing or co-writing some of Queen’s biggest hits, including Under Pressure, Radio Ga Ga and The Invisible Man. Despite his work with Queen, he also formed his own concurrent band called The Cross, where he was lead vocalist, which really showcased his talents as a singer, rather than a drummer. This parallel band may not have enjoyed the same level of success as Queen, but enabled Taylor to explore his vocals and focus on classic rock with dance influences, to create an alternative sound to that time. He was born in King’s Lynn, just a short drive from Norwich City Centre.

Beth Orton was born in East Dereham, just 15 miles west of Norwich, so is very much a local to the Norfolk music scene. She is known for her unique sound, fusing the soft sounds of folk with electronica. Despite such a unique sound, Orton built up a loyal fanbase, earning herself a top 10 UK album in 2002 with Daybreaker. Her music has featured in several films and TV programmes, which is a testament to her catchy chords and lyrics. In 2007 she performed on the single Sing with Annie Lennox to raise awareness of AIDs, a far cry from her Norfolk routes.

Mick Taylor has had an impressive music career, with parts in the Bluebreakers and the Rolling Stones. In the Rolling Stones it was his smooth vocals that set him apart from the jagged vocals of Mick Jagger, which appeared on many of the Rolling Stones’ most famous tracks. After his fame with the Rolling Stones, Mick Taylor explored a variety of different sounds, from jazz to blues. He also experienced some success as a soloist, with a 1979 self-titled album. Taylor may have been born in South-East England, but now lives in Diss, which is just a short drive from Norwich. He often stays in touch with such roots, having played Diss a few years ago.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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