Singing Lessons in Norwich

Singing Lessons in Norwich

Singing is a great way to relax, build confidence and enjoy the music that you are passionate about. I have helped many students of all abilities, including beginner students, develop beautiful voices. Working with them through a range of exercises that are designed to help improve vocal control, strength and tone, as well singing through the songs that motivated them to sing in the first place.

I also teach grades to the students who are interested in undertaking them - though there is no pressure to take graded exams if you do not wish to. Indeed, the majority of my students simply learn for their own pleasure and enjoyment. I would recommend for all students that they find at least 1/2 hour a week to practise at home or at an alternative venue to help them build on the knowledge that they have aquired during our lessons. This is really important for vocal strength as you need to develop the muscles in your voice box - like going to the gym the more you use them using the correct technique the stronger the get. For more information about my vocal lessons, or if you have any questions about how to learn to sing, simply get in touch!

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I am a mobile vocal coach, meaning that I can travel to you if you are based within Norwich city itself. I have found that students learn well within the comfort of their own homes, helping my pupils build confidence as well as vocal strength and ability.

I am keen to ensure that my students learn through the music that they are passionate about. Although I have a particular interest in classical, opera and musicals I am able to cover genres including pop and light rock to help you develop into the singing you wish to be. In our lessons with will combine learning songs alongside developing an understanding of key vocal exercises that will help you to gain control of your voice.

To book your first lesson, or find out more, simply get in touch by calling 03455 087241.

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James is full of enthusiasm and his passion is always obvious. I've learnt more in the past 6 weeks with him than the previous 6 months on my own. A great teacher all around. - Laurie