Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

When our students look for new challenges after a few lessons with us here at Singing Lessons Norwich, we always encourage them to get in the recording studio to record their vocals. For those who are new to recording, it can be daunting trying to find a place which will get the best from your voice, whilst making the experience enjoyable for you. Our tutors here at Singing Lessons Norwich have put together some of their favourite recording studios so that you can focus on hitting those notes!

Future Studios was built by industry professionals, meaning you will be sure to get a great sound from your vocals when recording here. The engineers are themselves musicians and vocalists, so have the knowledgeable to help take your voice to new heights, and are always willing to give you tips to maximise your vocals, making this a great choice for beginners. It is not just the engineers who set this studio apart; the technology is high specification, which when combined with the specifically constructed acoustics of the studio, make it a winner. The studio can also be linked to the company’s radio station, meaning for those feeling braver, your vocals can also be broadcast live! Future Studios is located just outside Norwich, within easy access of the city centre, NR5 8EG.

Earth Studios offers six top of the range rehearsal rooms, which is a great place to come to practise your singing outside of lessons here at Singing Lessons Norwich. The rooms are purpose built to maximise the acoustic quality, and all are soundproofed, making it a great space for those looking to hit the powerful and high singing notes! With 8 years in the industry, the staff at Earth Studios are friendly and have the knowledge to give you guidance. It is not just the rooms that Earth Studios offer, but a range of accessories to compliment your practice; something which can help when you are trying to explore new sounds with your vocals. The rooms are open seven days a week from 11am-midnight, meaning there is no excuse not to practice your singing! Earth Studios is situated on Salhouse Road, NR7 9AQ.

The Saints is located in idyllic countryside just outside Norwich city centre, making it an ideal studio to record in and get inspiration for your vocals. For those who may be more nervous about recording, this is the perfect place to come for a relaxing recording experience. The equipment is top quality, including a range of modern and vintage microphones, so there is something to suit all vocalists. They offer the whole package, from recording to mixing, which will give you a great product at the end. And at just £160 for a whole day, this is a fantastic option for singers looking for a great recording experience at competitive prices. Recently The Saints has recorded some well-known UK bands, such as Sonic Boom Six and The Kabeedies, showing their wealth of experience in the industry.

The Mill Recording Studio has been in the recording studio industry for 10 years, and have experience in recording both unsigned and more major artists, with work on Grammy nominated albums. With such experience, the studio offers both a professional and flexible approach. It is able to cater to the individual, making it a great option for both beginner and more experienced vocalists alike. The studio has an open plan layout, meaning engineers are directly on hand to offer guidance and help get the most from your vocals. The equipment is top of the range, which further helps get the most from your sound. You can record from as little as £35 per hour, with £205 for an 8 hour day, making it a competitively priced option for the area. Based a short drive from Norwich in Diss, IP22 2DZ, the Mill Recording Studio is well worth the travel.

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I am a mobile vocal coach, meaning that I can travel to you if you are based within Norwich city itself. I have found that students learn well within the comfort of their own homes, helping my pupils build confidence as well as vocal strength and ability.

I am keen to ensure that my students learn through the music that they are passionate about. Although I have a particular interest in classical, opera and musicals I am able to cover genres including pop and light rock to help you develop into the singing you wish to be. In our lessons with will combine learning songs alongside developing an understanding of key vocal exercises that will help you to gain control of your voice.

To book your first lesson, or find out more, simply get in touch by calling 03455 087241.

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James is full of enthusiasm and his passion is always obvious. I've learnt more in the past 6 weeks with him than the previous 6 months on my own. A great teacher all around. - Laurie